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They are unprofessional.

They do not return phone calls.

They want to collect on rent, but when its time to fix a maintenance issues they don’t.

They change property managers like they change shoes.

They are EXTREMELY disorganized.

If you rent from them you will regret it. I have gone to court with them twice already and I’ve only been living in the home 3 months. They are complete disorganized; from telling you they will take of simple paperwork issues, losing your rental checks (telling you they did not receive it), never making maintenance request and saying they did to having inoperable web services.

I have been trying to get a leak in the ceiling, sinks, weather stripping around the door and other minor things in the home fixed since September. Its now January and they have made every excuse to delay my request. When it rains the leak/hole in the ceiling gets bigger and bigger. Sinks have been dripping water having me to retain a bucket beneath to catch the water. The front door needs weather stripping around it, which they known about since day one and the back door won’t even lock due to some issue its been having.

When I moved in I was told all my utilities were on, but needed them to be switched in my name. This was not the case! I had a different gas company who I had to call and make arrangements to have come out for connection. Since I couldn't stay in the home for 8-days. One property manager was to make arrangements so I didn't have to pay those 8-days due to there being no hot water in the home. Keep in mind that my 15-year old nephew was living with me at the time. His mother had passed and I made it an obligation to take care of him for a while. That still has not been corrected leaving me to pay for days I did not stay in the home, but this was there screw up and I paid for it. They took no responsibility, and no sympathy for my nephew.

I tired paying my rent on-line so I would not have to spend money on a snap. I go on-line and the website is having issues. I called to get them to straighten it out because it also had someone else name attached to the address where I am living and all they can tell me is that they are sorry, but the internet is having programs. Not that they were working hard to resolve it. ALL THEY WANT IS THE MONEY FOR THE RENT!

I don’t want anybody to have to go through the issues I’ve gone through. Their management services sucks and they are non-responsive. They tell you that some vendor to do maintenance will call me to arrange a time to come out, but maintenance vendors never called me. Leaving me to believe that a work order was never placed given I have made the request to have these things fixed more than 5-times. ALL THEY WANT IS THE MONEY FOR THE RENT!

One week you are dealing with one property manager and three weeks later you are with another manager. This makes it very hard to get things done when you’ve been told something by one person and they don’t communicate it to the right people nor makes notes that they’ve had a particular agreement/discussion with you. As I read through the other complaints and issues I realize it is not me! The issues/concerns are real and correlate to my own. In addition, when I went to court (both times) HavenBrook Homes had more people in court that any other company/landlord. I spoke to one lady and her story was SO very similar. This behavior shows that the company lack in many areas, which is why I’m warning you the public.

As a Christian and true man of God. I do not think God designed for His people to go through these types of situations. I urge you to make arrangements to fix your finances and STOP renting (as I am doing). Get in a position to by your own home so that you don't have to answer to anyone. I hope this helps somebody make a wise decision and also hope that the BBB reaches out to me to show that I am not making this up and so this company HavenBrook Homes are not allowed to keep taking people through unnecessary stress.

Review about: Havenbrook Homes Property Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

I didn't like: Being told one things and another was done, Rental amount, Attitudes.

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