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Its sad how a letter was sent out on the treachary of a daughter manipulating her mother just to stay at her property by threatening of you dont put me on the lease Im taking my son away from grandma now daughter has been living with mother over 2 yrs because she hadtenants at her property at 1059 Kathleen Lane Walton County can verify that because she sued both sets of relatives and got paid well while sitting right at the property on 851 Grayson Hwy (I tell you getting over like a fat rat)Huh speaking of rats....Mother lied and said the reason why she let Lucretia Johnson who now goes by Lucretta Johnson in her house is because Hurriccane Irma destroyed her property and the rats moved her out this was located in Loganville Ga at address at Kathleen Lane story was true on lie was Lucretia Johnson was not in it but the pitiful tenants she was still collecting rent from Kim Hudson and Yamone Johnson they had five beautiful children who was moved out by mildew and rats because the LANDLORD Lucretia Johnson wouldnt fix the property they was afraid of their wicked landlord and her nasty rats.I dare her have this type of mentality she sued them $1100.00 lady!Then right before that family she sued the mother of that family and father for $1750.00 these two families had to call the electric company and fix the only house in Loganville that got destroyed by a act of God.Back to Lucretia Manipulation is something else since then she just recieved a settlement for faking a injury with this one law firm $4000.00 right in Maxine Johnson Robinson's home sad not giving her nothing but pebbles while she plan and plot to return back to 1059 Kathleen Lane Lucretia is a employee of Carters Distribution Center in Braselton,Ga she just recieved $1000.00 from work huh then dont mention she had her poor mother turned off of Tanf and Ebt now guess what she recieves $500.00 in Ebt sounds like some kind of story.She just sold her bulding in Philadelphia at on Spruce street about 4 or 5 yrs ago and recieved$385,000 or $400,000 I cant believe you would depend on Tenants,Section 8,Ebt,Mothers Social Security SLICK AS GREASE ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS HUH HA Disturbing Poor Mother Cant See For Looking she is sickly and have other relatives helping vare for her but mind control is powerful!

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